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Signup Process

How we reduced the churn rate of Neon's opening account process.






Design Lead

Signup Process


Neon Pagamentos, a leading Brazilian fintech, operates as a digital bank aiming to serve Brazil's unbanked population. Established in 2016, they provide diverse financial services, including digital checking accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments. The most critical point in their customer's journey was the client's first interaction with our product in the signup process, where we observed a significant drop-off in one of the stages.


Ensure a user-friendly and secure solution to streamline the signup process.

Enhance the conversion rate of Neon's account opening process.

FInd and address the root cause of the 25% churn during the ID Photo Upload stage.

The process

Upon assuming the role of Product Design Lead, my first mission was to diagnose the underperformance in our signup process.

We tagged the entire conversion funnel to visualize the data. Analyzing it, we identified the ID Photo Upload stage as the bottleneck. A deep dive into user feedback revealed that 21.5% of users weren't with their IDs when required, suggesting a design overhaul. However, design changes must balance innovation with pragmatism.

The first solution proposed by the designer allocated to this team was to redesign the ID Photo Upload stage with more options than just taking live photos.


Balancing user experience with security concerns.

Distinguishing between perceived user needs and actual needs based on data insights.

Significant development effort and resources would be required for an entirely new flow.

Initial design proposition for redesigning the entire flow was prone to fraud.

The team delivery

A more straightforward approach proved to be the key. We already had a screen explaining the necessary items (like ID) for the signup process. The problem? It only appeared during the ID Photo Upload step. As the Design Lead, I recommended moving this Instructions page to the start of the onboarding and measuring if we have any impact on our numbers. To measure its effectiveness, we launched an A/B test targeting our entire user base, comparing the existing and proposed flows.


We've increased the conclusion rate by 9.8%

After rolling out the successful variant to all users, we also saw a 13% reduction in drop-offs at the critical ID upload stage. Sometimes, simpler can often be better. Through careful analysis and recontextualization of our user journey, we improved Neon's signup efficiency without drastic overhauls, benefiting both our users and the company.

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