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Design System Rebranding

How we implemented an entire rebrand using Cozy, our Design System.






Design Manager

Design System Rebranding


QuintoAndar, the largest housing platform in Latin America, revolutionized the real estate market by simplifying connections between tenants, homebuyers, landlords, and sellers.

Together with the branding agency Porto Rocha, the company aims to design a new Brand identity that better represents its current maturity and values. As the Brand Business Unit inside Product, we were responsible for updating its products using our design system as a platform within a fixed launch date.


Enhance the Design System's user experience while incorporating the brand's values.

Launch a complete Rebrand, which has not been developed yet, within a 6-month timeframe.

Seamlessly integrate the new brand identity into QuintoAndar's existing design system.

The process

A structured and strategic approach was imperative in reshaping QuintoAndar's brand identity. Our process evolved through various stages and involved some complex challenges.

  1. Cross-team alignments: Our team collaborated with the team responsible for designing the new product's experience to understand how our DS had to adapt to the new visual and align some technical constraints we couldn't address on time.

  2. Deliverables Prioritization: Given our tight deadline, the team categorized and prioritized the components to facilitate the redesign process and ensure efficient hand-offs. Also, I have to manage my resources to be able to reflect the updates for our apps.

  3. Release strategy: We created a private version of our Design System libraries in Figma due to the project's confidentiality. Also, as we have too many applications and user cases, we work with the product team to map and define the flow's updating priority.

  4. Go Live: Our Business Unit advocated for all teams to focus one entire week to integrate the new design system. Our team monitored and supported their updates with documentation, specific training and a series of instructional videos, ensuring smooth transitioning.


The iOS app was migrating to Flutter and had no dedicated design team to implement the Design System.

Operational confidentiality during the project was crucial to guarantee the surprising marketing effect.

Over 100 cross-functional teams across 20+ applications used and relied on QuintoAndar's Design System.

Access to the final Brand assets only in September of 2021, having only three months to deliver the project.

The team delivery

The team made a massive update in our core components and tokens during this project to improve our usability. The newly designed system, based on our rebranded identity, showcased:

  1. A new design token architecture.

  2. Revamped components aligned with our real-world use cases.

  3. Implementation strategy to all platforms.

  4. Hand-off documentation, guidelines, and support materials.


We've launched the rebranding across all applications on our deadline, without any bugs.

The new design system resonates deeply with our Brand's core values and offers an enhanced, intuitive experience for our vast user base. The transition, marked by meticulous planning and collaboration, proves QuintoAndar's commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

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