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Developing a Rewards Program

Neon . 2020

As a Product Design Lead in the Engagement team, I was in charge of guiding the team to develop a new product for our company.


Neon wanted to create a closer relationship and keep your customers engaged through a reward program.


Provide an increase in the client's credit limit using a system based on gamification and recognition.


Our MVP reduces Neon's churn and increases our credit card usage and NPS score.


Data Analysis & Research

When the team received the mission to develop a reward program for Neon, our first step was to analyze all users' available data to understand their needs and run quantitative and qualitative research. We discovered that our main pain point was our credit card: Most clients want it, but our approval rate was low, and the approved users have a low limit.

Problem definition

Our first premise was to guarantee a credit card for the clients that use Neon as their main account. But because of internal technical issues, we needed to pivot our solution to focus on the limit increase for credit card clients who have good behavior in our product.



Ideation & Validation

This phase was the longest one for the following reasons:

  1. The reward program was the leading company's project for the year.

  2. The stakeholder's expectations were huge.

  3. The designer allocated on the team has never worked on a project with this complexity.


As a result, we made several iterations and validation in our visual solution and prototype until we got our final solution.

fluxo-desafio 1.png

Result & Impact

We decided to launch our MVP for only 10% of our base and do an A/B test for 90 days. After this period, we notice good results. The reward program clients use our products more often and more frequently than the entire base. Also, we can relate an increase in our NPS score by 1,3% with this project based on the client's comments.

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